A somber reminder of the aftermath

Hey Folks... This story comes to us from "Dave"... I have spoken about this very subject, many times before. Here's hoping Dave is able to reconcile this event sooner, rather than later.


Hello highway 63. I am messaging you and not the board because this is sensitive to me. Myself and 2 others were first on the scene, literally as it happened. We had to pull the person out after prying the door open. He wasn't breathing and we did CPR for half hour until paramedics arrived and police and others. He was pronounced deceased at the scene. I'm not sure why I am telling you this but I guess reading your reports you seem to really get the urgency for safe travels, and maybe I just wanna say it at all and no one else might get it. I don't know what caused it, I can speculate as I know how it happened but your rants and pleads for drivers to drive SOBER, meaning from tired to otherwise( and this case I don't believe alcohol was involved as I think I would know) really hit home for me today. This person will not be going home to see their family ever again. It's really sad to think about. To be honest how numb I feel about it and the scene and all the work I guess maybe if you could send out a message for people to keep slowing down in those areas- some were driving by us soo fast as we were trying to resuscitate, also for people to respect the officers and responders in these situations. I gained a new level of respect today how much they have to do and deal with on scene- it's staggering. I really appreciate all your tireless work letting us all know how the roads are and what conditions to expect traveling. Please keep up all your work. And yes- pray for the family tonight. They're going to receive a phone call I would never wish on anyone.