Friday, November 4, 2016

Good morning my fellow yellow minions;

For those of you M-F, 9-5 types... The weekend is almost upon you and liquor stores open at 10, but please do not drink and drive... not now, not ever...but do hoist one for me as you sit and relax rewatching the Cubs win the world seriers...because as a Canucks fan, I'll probably NEVER enjoy that moment of ultimate victory, but hey, I digress...

A balmy morning for FMM, LLB and Edmonton... All are hovering around 5-6 and all are expecting a fairly warm afternoon, with Edmonton being the hot spot at +15 later today.

So far so good on both Hwy 63 and Hwy 881, with no new incidents to report. Be mindful of the possibility of fog in the low lying areas, but other than that, your drive/commute should be fairly uneventful.

That's all for this morning folks, but please use this thread to keep each other up to date as to the current conditions of where you're at. (yes grammar Nazis, I ended a sentence with a preposition, but my wife likes that I can be the "bad boy" type lol)

Stay safe, drive to the conditions and remember...

Somoene is expecting you home tonight.