Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Good morning mabibi na mabwana;

Its a wee bit frrrosty in FMM this morning with overcast skies and -8. It will get colder than the Ontario Premier's popularity numbers this morning before the sun comes up, -10 will be the low with the wind cooling things off to -16. +4 will be your daytime high, with mostly sunny skies. LLB could see some flurries this morning, but it shouldn't add up to much more than 1-2cm. LLB is currently sitting at -5 and your daytime high is +4 with mostly sunny skies. Edmonton is checking in at -1 with overcast skies, but they'll see a daytime high of nearly PLUS 10 !!! Looks like the red hot Oilers (3 words not used together in a decade) are the real reason behind Alberta's "climate change" and not some pseudo, trumped up science that JT can tax lol.

So far so good on both Hwy 63 and Hwy 881 with no new incidents to report. Both roads appear to be bare and dry from top to bottom, but do be mindful of some foggy patches in the low lying areas. 

That's all for this morning folks. Please use this thread to keep each other up to date as tot he current conditions of where you're to.

Stay safe, drive to the conditions and remmeber...

Someone is expecting you home tonight.