Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Good morning dames en heren;

 For those of you with chidren STILL running around the house on a major sugar rush... Perhaps some extra strength gravol for them and an Advil and a shot or 5 of the Goose for yourself...

First off, I do apologize for the very early posts. I am working in northern Manitoba on a project and over here, were are an hour ahead... So, there is some lag time in my abilities to update in a more timely manner. FMM is is currently -4 and -10 with the wind (here comes the cold) and there are some flurries/snow in the area. Alberta 511 is still showing both HWY 63 and Hwy 881 clear and dry, but that may not last for the morning, but the skies will clear up a bit later on. LLB has partly cloudy skies and is sitting at -2 with negligible wind chill and those conditions should last for most of the day. Edmonton is checking in at 0 with some light flurries, but just like Brad and Angelina, the clouds will part ways and let the sunshine through.

So far so good on both Hwy 63 and Hwy 881 from Edmonton to FMM. There may be some fog in the low lying areas to be mindful of and any flurries along the way could impede your vision. So please slow down and adjust your driving accordingly. 

That's all for this morning folks, but please use this thread to keep each other up to date as to the current conditions of where you're to.

Stay safe, drive to the conditions and remeber...

Someone is expecting you home tonight.