Monday, October 31, 2016

Good morning Ghosts and Goblins, here is your spooktacular road report for this All Hallows Eve.

In Fright McMurray this morning, there is a chance of flurries with -1 being the low and +1 for your daytime high and the clouds will likely give way to some sunny skies. Spook La Biche is currently at +1 with overcast skies and your daytime high is +3. Dreadmonton has a few clouds in the morning sky and is at +2, with a daytime high of +6.

So far so good on both Hwy 63 and Hwy 881, with both roads in fair to good winter driving conditions. Do be mindful of some slick spots in the low lying areas and being Halloween, use extreme caution when traveling on residential roads this evening during trick or treating hours.

That's all for this morning folks. Please use this thread to keep your fellow travelers up to date as to the current conditions of where you're to.

Stay safe, drive to the conditions and remember...

Someone is expecting you home tonight.